Our partner factories do their due diligence when it comes to product inspection before shipping to our headquarters. At YSBH, we do not import tons of hair at a time. Instead, we import moderate-sized orders so we are able to double-inspect our hair extensions guaranteeing quality before reaching your hands. 

All hair extension sales are final. For sanitation reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges unless you believe the hair you received is defective: excessive shedding, excessive tangling, excessive split ends. 

Defect Claims should be addressed to with DEFECT CLAIM in the subject line within 30 DAYS of your order delivery. Our team will be in contact with you to reach a potential exchange resolution.

Please note defective products will be inspected by our team. The extensions cannot be inspected if it is currently installed. Extensions that have been sewn THROUGH the wefts, or cut, may not be considered for an exchange, as those actions can create excessive shedding. 

If your extensions were chemically processed, ie: dyed, we cannot gage whether the chemical process is the catalyst for your defective product. 

We are here to assist and make your order right.