Clip-in Hair Extensions

A DIY girl's dream, experience the same hair quality you love in our wefted & tape in extensions, in our carefully designed seamless clip-in extensions. Your ticket to that effortless 'Your-Hair-but-Better' look, dive into 'The Volume Set,' offering extended lengths in: 18", 20," & 22," meticulously designed for maximum length and fullness in just 10 pieces, or our Everyday Set' in shoulder lengths 12", 14," & 16" for an natural everyday look.  Crafted with 100% raw human hair from the healthiest donors, these extensions guarantee over 1+ years of flawless wear. With innovative Seamless Technology, minimizing shedding, experience undetectable, lightweight extensions that lay flat against your scalp.  Your time-saver for a bombshell look in a fraction of salon time.


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